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chevy equinox lease deals 2020

I don’t know exactly what’s going through the minds of the executives at General Motors. So we might as well capitalize on what they decided at that boardroom meeting regarding the Chevy Equinox lease $139. What I’m referring to is the deep discount one can get off of the 2021 Chevy Equinox lease deals. Please read the post thoroughly, so you can get an understanding of what to negotiate when you’re out there shopping for one.

More details on Chevy Equinox lease $139

The General Motors at Sun Chevy in Chittenango, New York, are offering a chevy equinox lease $139 for a month. That is the lease payment on a brand new chevy equinox. That’s where 3,300 dollars cash or trade down for 27 months and up to 10,000 miles a year. These vehicles have a 1.8-liter engine with an automatic force or manual transmission. That is dependent on your preference, the ones they are offering happens to be the beautiful auburn metallic color. Still, we have a variety of different colors as well as interior, exterior colors to choose from.

Features of Chevy Equinox 2021

The Chevy Equinox gets excellent gas mileage, which is 22 miles around town and 35 miles on the highway. Chevy Equinox lease $139 is a steal deal, and you really can’t beat this car. It’s a full size, four-door car. They do come with a keyless remote entry fob, which has a trunk release.

There’s also a button that’s located underneath the car. You can push as well to pop your trunk inside, and there’s a ton of room. If you have some larger items, your back seats do fold flat. I cannot tell you how much room is in the back seat. One of the great things about chevy equinox lease deals is you’re covered under warranty. The entire time of the car is in your care in the back. There’s plenty of room for three people back, and you can have two passengers. There is also an entirely done armrest with the cup holder.

chevy equinox lease deals 2020

As I mentioned before, the back seat is folded flat, and you can have access to your trunk or put some larger items back there. In the inside mount on your steering wheel, you have a hands-free Bluetooth hookup, which is super convenient, as well as your audio controls. The stereo system is excellent. We also have a monitor up, which is for radio. It also has an AM/FM CD player and has XM radio integrated into along with all the controls for heating and air conditioning. The Chevy Equinox also comes with off power locks and has power windows.

Chevy Equinox lease deals- How did I get myself one?

The Chevy Equinox lease $139 that I’ve got picked out is a 1 LT all-wheel drive with an MSRP of 32,495. Now assuming we would go after that 4%, Chevy likes to say is their invoice price. It’s okay for the time being, and you’re going to know in this post precisely why so targeting anything at invoice, which brings us down to 31,472.

The reason why I found why Chevy Equinox lease $139 is being offered at such a big discount because it’s in the amount of $4500 and it’s nearly four times more. It probably is four times more than the actual markup in the car. So taking out that 4500 off of the invoice price, it gets us close to 18%, which is more than 18% off of the sticker price at around $26972. Instead of taking the $4500 rebate, don’t know why Chevy is offering 0 % financing up to 72 months.

Knowing the deals beforehand will help you Financially

Do not take it and take the $ 4,500 deduction instead. If anybody in the household is leasing a 2015 Vehicle, not GM, you get 1500 bucks, or they own something a 2006 or newer anything non-GM. You got a thousand dollars if you currently own or lease a GM right now. You get 1500 bucks if you’re purchasing and $1000 if you’re going to be leasing. So I’m assuming you’ve got something in the household, so I’ll take $ 1000 off of my projected 26 972, bringing me down at north of 20 percent off of a Chevy Equinox at invoice price.

This is why it’s so so important to you save, collect all these prices and make sure that you’re aggressive with this chevy equinox lease $139 deal by making sure a ton of different dealers get their hands on this. Try to get 35% off at this point. None of you guys can manage 50 % off- that’s not going to happen.

Chevy Equinox lease deals in your Area

If you’re planning on leasing, the incentives aren’t as hot, but here’s where things caught me by surprise, a 61 % residual at 39 months 10,000 miles a year for me, that’s high! Usually, when you see a residual this top, it gets paired with a high money factor, which was not the case on the equinox, with a 0.00068 money factor now in my region, I’ve got $ 600 in lease cash available. Your area may have more, and you may not have any. If you’re curious to know how you find out about lease cash, all these rebates all that stuff, just subscribe to this website where I teach you how to scrape all this information.

Now, plugging this all into the lease calculator, so all you’re giving is your inception fees. So your first payment acquisition fee dock fee registration, do upfront roughly about 1650 at 39 months and 10,000 miles a year at invoice. We’d be talking about 330 bucks a month, that’s including sales tax for Chevy Equinox lease $139. The reason why it’s so so important not to be settling for an invoice is so that you can see which one of these guys is going to lease. Do the deal at like 275 couple grand under their invoice. Maybe chop around this deal and connect with as many Chevy Equinox lease deals as possible. If you found this information useful and you want to read more of the new car buying and negotiation tip type post, please visit other posts on our website.

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