Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance Florida [2021]

cheap full coverage car insurance in florida

This blog post is for car enthusiasts who are looking to get cheap full coverage car insurance Florida. This article will help you find the cheapest rates on auto insurance in Florida without sacrificing quality or service. To make sure your needs are met, we provide a list of the top-rated providers and their quotes for drivers with various levels of coverage. If a company doesn’t offer a quote relevant to your situation, then they won’t be listed here! We’re confident that you’ll find an option that fits into your budget for Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance Florida.

What do you mean by Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance Florida?

Full coverage is often referred to as “no-frills” or “minimum” policy. Getting cheap full coverage car insurance Florida for your car, protects you financially when someone crashes into your vehicle or if you crash into someone else. It also covers injuries to people in the other car and injuries to you and the passengers of your car. It also offers roadside assistance like towing if something goes wrong with your car on the way home from work but, it will not cover everything.

Full Coverage Car Insurance vs Liability Coverage only

Car insurance is designed to protect your vehicle against physical damage, as well as theft and third-party liability. The standard coverage package offered by insurers usually includes comprehensive and/or collision coverage

However, many drivers opt out of purchasing the full coverage car insurance (comprehensive+collision), opting instead for liability-only car insurance which is more affordable. Liability-only car insurance covers your vehicle against third-party claims resulting from injury and property damage caused during an accident.

Liability insurance is the least expensive form of car coverage. If you have a good driving record and want a minimum level of protection, then consider a liability-only car insurance package. It’s cheaper than the liability plus comprehensive package, but it offers coverage in the event of injury and property damage caused by a collision.

Minimum car insurance requirements in Florida

When driving in Florida, you must have a minimum type of coverage:

  • $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP) for one person injured in an accident.
  • at least $10,000 property damage liability (PL), which covers damages done to other people’s property and vehicles you hit.

What are the cheapest full coverage car insurance companies in Florida?

1. Geico

In Florida, the cheapest car insurance rates are from Geico. This company is known for having very good savings when it comes to insuring cars. Before you get your auto insurance coverage, ensure that you contact them first and let them know what kind of rate you are looking for on a quote. The agent will come up with a personalized quote and you can decide if that is something that you want or not. It might be possible for them to offer coverage at a lower premium than what companies such as State Farm are giving.

2. Progressive

Progressive has been around for a very long time and they have been able to offer car insurance at a very considerate price. People who have tried their services, always talk about how cheap they are and how they can give you great coverage at a low cost. After that, you will just have to pay your premium every month and then get on with your life. If you want cheaper rates for auto insurance in Florida, start looking at Progressive and see what they can offer you.


USAA has a very good reputation when it comes to Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance Florida. They will give you great coverage at a low price and the best thing is that you can contact them for help from wherever you are if ever your car gets into an accident. You do not even have to worry about getting back and forth from one place to another because they have agents and sales staff almost everywhere in the state. All you need to do is go online and find an agent near your location.

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4. State Farm

If you want more options when it comes to getting a provider for your auto insurance, then using State Farm as one of your choices will be a great decision as well. They will give you a very good quote and then help you save even more money on your premium if ever you decide to continue with them. It is also a good idea to ask about the discounts that they are offering as well.

5. Safe Auto

Safe Auto is an option for people who do not want to spend so much time looking for a provider for their auto insurance because they make the process easy. You can just enter your zip code and then let them know the kind of coverage that you are looking for. It will only take you about five minutes to do this and then you will get a quote right away.

6. Allstate

Allstate is another company that provides very cheap rates for the people in Florida. They are worth considering because they can give you great coverage and then charge you less than $500 a year for your premiums. If you do not want to spend so much money on insurance, then this would be a good option for you to consider. You should check their website to learn more about what they can offer you.

7. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

The last company that you should consider when it comes to finding cheap auto insurance in Florida is Nationwide. They have great savings for their clients so if you want the best value for money, then this would be a good option as well. Since you get a lot of savings, then it only makes sense that the rates are also much lower as well.

The cheapest car insurance companies in Florida

To find affordable car insurance, we surveyed quotes from the largest companies in Florida to see which offered Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance Florida for our profile drivers. The state minimums for full coverage are $10,000 PIP, $10,000 PL and $8,500 Liability.

For example, Liberty Mutual had cheap premiums at an average of $1,523 per year, but other insurers like State Farm and Allstate were more expensive at averages of nearly $3,200 or more per year.

Florida auto insurance laws

There are no minimum car insurance requirements in Florida. Florida requires you to have auto liability insurance if you’re driving on a public road. There are several different types of cheap full coverage car insurance Florida available, but high-deductible plans provide bigger savings since they come with lower premiums.

You can save even more money on affordable full coverage car insurance by bundling your policy with other kinds of coverage.

Cheap car insurance in Florida- for good drivers in 2021

If you’re a good driver, affordable car insurance can be easy to find in Florida. Here are the requirements:

  • A minimum of 12 months of driving experience.
  • No recent traffic violations.
  • Should not have at-fault accidents.
  • No DUI/DWI within the last 3 years.

How cheap full coverage car insurance Florida works with a perfect credit score

Some car insurance companies base your rate on your credit score. You can request quotes from these companies to find the lowest cost that also takes into consideration your application.

Affordable car insurance for bad drivers in Florida

If you have a bad driving record, Florida has companies that specialize in affordable car insurance for drivers with a history of moving violations or accidents.

The minimum experience required to qualify for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is 12 months of on-the-job training and 10 years without an at-fault crash. By requiring drivers to have more experience, fewer crashes and injuries will occur.

How to get cheap full coverage car insurance Florida, if you have bad credit

Having bad credit often means paying a higher price for car insurance in Florida. If you live in Florida, you can find cheap full coverage car insurance if you have a poor credit score.

First off, you need to understand that car insurance companies use your credit score to determine how much they are going to charge you for your auto insurance. They may also look at the type of vehicle you drive and other demographic factors like age, gender, marital status, and more all factor into whether or not you will get a low rate on car insurance in Florida.

With a bad credit score, you may still be able to enjoy the benefits of driving a vehicle by purchasing cheap full coverage car insurance Florida. If your score is below 600 and you don’t have a perfect driving record, you will need to pay higher rates simply because you are deemed as riskier to insure than other drivers. This is the case for even those of you with perfect driving records who have a low credit score.

full coverage car insurance florida

Auto insurance in Florida: Minimum coverage requirements

Florida requires you to have liability insurance if you want to drive on public roads. This is the minimum car insurance coverage requirement:

  • $10,000 for property damage per accident
  • $10,000 for bodily injury per person injured in an accident (up to $30,000)
  • $10,000 for the death of one person (or $30,000 total deaths covered by your policy)

Although Florida does not require payout at 100% in a crash, that doesn’t mean you should try and get away with lower limits or no limits at all. Always choose the most cost-effective level of cheap full coverage car insurance Florida when comparing quotes from multiple companies, but never choose a policy with insufficient limits.

Cheap full coverage car insurance Florida: How to save money on your policy

When shopping around for cheap full coverage car insurance premiums, you can use the following tactics to make sure you’re getting the best rate:

You won’t always know when promotions change, so compare quotes periodically as a plan error could prove costly. By comparing quotes from several companies at once, you can find out if the cost of your policy has been changing.

“Pay as little as possible for my cheap full coverage  car insurance?” You can save on your premium by raising your deductible or choosing a state-sponsored insurance company. According to one report, customers who raised their deductibles from $250 to $500 paid an average of 9% less on their monthly premiums.

Auto insurance companies in Florida typically offer 4 levels of additional coverage:

  • Uninsured motorists — this pays for costs if you are in an accident with an uninsured driver or a hit-and-run.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP) — this will pay your medical bills up to $10,000 after an accident, but it does not include lost wages or funeral expenses.
  • Collision insurance — covers damages to your car from hitting another vehicle or other object. This type of cheap full coverage car insurance Florida is state-mandated unless you want to self-insure and have at least $1,000 in cash available.
  • Comprehensive insurance — covers any damage caused by events that are not considered collisions: fire, theft, falling objects.

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance After Getting a Ticket

Cheap full coverage car insurance is available in Florida, but some drivers have to pay higher rates after receiving a traffic citation. This is because certain offenses may affect your driving record, resulting in increased insurance costs. Some types of tickets or infractions that may increase your premiums include:

  • Speeding — especially going 10 mph over the speed limit.
  • Driving with an expired insurance card.
  • Receiving multiple tickets for violations within a short time period or with no traffic violations on your driving record in some time.

Does Full Coverage Car Insurance Cover Parking Lots?

Comprehensive insurance — covers damage to your car when it is not being driven, including parking lot accidents. This type of cheap full coverage car insurance Florida is a good idea, as it is less likely you will have an accident when the car is parked. However, if a police officer witnesses your vehicle being damaged, comprehensive insurance may pay for repairs even if the accident took place in a parking lot.

How does full coverage car insurance work after an accident?

For some buyers, the idea of buying auto coverage after an accident may seem like a good way to save money. But, car insurance rates can change after an accident, and if you don’t maintain a clean driving history, it could get expensive. You may also receive a ticket for driving without the proper safety equipment in your vehicle. However, clean records from drivers with good credit histories have lower premiums than those of other drivers; this is because riskier drivers may file more insurance claims, which can impact the price of cheap full coverage car insurance Florida. Your full coverage Florida auto insurance policy will cover expenses after a car accident, including your medical costs and repairs to both vehicles.

Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance Rates for Young Drivers

Cheap full coverage car insurance is available in Florida, but prices typically increase for drivers under the age of 25. However, young drivers may be able to get cheap full coverage car insurance rates after they have been on their parent’s policy for a few years and had good driving records. Some companies offer discounts to college students who are studying in Florida or military personnel stationed at a base within the state; check with your provider for more information.

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance Discounts in Florida

There are various ways to get cheap full coverage car insurance Florida discounts. For instance, some drivers can reduce their rates by taking defensive driving courses. Your cheap full coverage car insurance company may offer a multi-vehicle discount if you insure several cars under the same policy. However, some plans don’t allow you to get a policy for more than one vehicle with your business or personal information on it.

Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance for Seniors in Florida

Seniors tend to have lower rates than other drivers in Florida; however, this is not always true. Young and healthy seniors can also get cheap full coverage car insurance rates by taking advantage of discounts and paying premiums on time. If you are planning to retire in the state, it may be a good idea to compare quotes from different companies so that you know which company offers the best rates on Florida auto insurance.

New Drivers in 2021- What are the rates for Cheap Full Coverage Car Insurance Florida?

Florida car owners pay 30% more for auto insurance than the national average. Floridians pay substantially higher rates of an average of $1,674 for full coverage and $565 for minimum coverage.

How to Shop for the Cheapest Full Coverage Policy in Florida

Some drivers may be able to get cheap full coverage car insurance by comparing the rates provided by various companies. If you have found several policy quotes that you like, then it is time to compare the details of each plan (such as deductibles and optional coverages). You will probably want to choose a plan that covers your assets in case of a catastrophic accident, but this may not be the cheapest full coverage car insurance in Florida.

What is the cost of full coverage car insurance cost compared to minimum coverage?

You can get cheap full coverage car insurance Florida that will cover your vehicle if it is stolen, damaged, or involved in an accident. However, you may want to consider how much coverage you need rather than going with the cheapest policy. In addition to bodily injury liability and property damage liability, drivers should consider purchasing additional coverages such as comprehensive and collision because these optional policies protect against losses involving a driver’s own negligence or damage that occurs while driving someone else’s vehicle. Some people choose not to purchase certain types of policies; however, this can be risky because uninsured motorist property damage liability protects you from being liable for another driver’s vehicle damages — no matter who was at fault.

With minimum coverage, the driver would only be able to use their own insurance or personal assets if they were involved in an accident. The cost of this type of policy is significantly less, but there are downsides that may make it worth a person’s time and money to go for full coverage instead.

How much does full coverage car insurance in Florida cost?

The price of full coverage car insurance in Florida is typically determined by the company that you choose and the type of coverage that you want. Some companies offer discounted rates for students and new drivers, while others charge higher rates for those with poor credit histories. Your age, driving history, and driving record can also affect how much your auto insurance will cost; for instance, senior drivers may be able to get very cheap full coverage car insurance Florida.

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If you are looking for cheap full coverage car insurance Florida rates, then it is a good idea to compare quotes from various providers on the Internet before choosing your policy. Keep in mind that when you choose cheap full coverage car insurance, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be getting high-quality coverage. Many cheap full coverage car insurance Florida companies may not include a low deductible or provide adequate protection against future claims. Always review the details of your cheap full coverage car insurance policy to make sure that it meets your needs.

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